Junior Church


All the information below would be our 'normal' situation when the Fellowship can meet together in person. We miss meeting with all our younger fellowship members during this Covid crisis.


We were able to provide for a Junior Church  during the morning service. All children and young people joined the adults in the first part of the service before going to their activities.

We can cater for Secondary school aged young people and we can accommodate a younger group for Primary school aged children.

The children and young people enjoy and have fun learning together. Activities include Bible stories, art, craft, drama, DVDs discussion and music. The older age group have recently worked through Biblical topics or courses such as 'Discipleship Explored' which was designed to assist growth and understanding in what is desired if we are to be true followers of Jesus Christ.

The young people in our fellowship, like young people everywhere, are growing up and going off to university and eventually into the world of work.

Olivia, one of our 'older' young people was  accepted for a one year tour of service for International Justice Mission and did hope to go to South Asia in March 2020 but this was delayed because of the international situation in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic. Olivia has been working for IJM in this country on a part time basis, helping with matters overseas and within the UK. She also has a p/t job with a local company and volunteers for duties with the local Foodbank.

Toby and Jack are now back at University and into their year of studies, now all a little stange as most of their studies takes place on-line.

Anna achieved good grades in her 'A'Levels and won a place at Bath University to do a degree in business studies. Again, like many new under-graduates, Uni life is not as she might have expected and the lectures are all on-line. Unfortunately she has just been tested positive for Corona virus and is now self-isolating.  Anna decided to be baptised earlier in the year and there is a photo to show this event. She has also done an interview for YFC and that is available to see by clicking the 'link'.

Fleur had very good GCSE's and has now moved up to the Sixth Form College.

William is now in the 6th Form too and is still playing hockey on a very competitive basis although matches are restricted because of Corona virus.

Our young people are precious to our fellowship, they have always been included in all aspects of our lives together - we have enjoyed and continue to enjoy their input into the worship and in many other ways and we trust and pray that the Lord will lead them as begin to establish themselves in new surroundings.

We would love to welcome new families into the fellowship and see our Junior Church expand. If you are considering a place to call your 'spiritual home' be assured that all the family will be made welcome at SHCF.


Anna sharing what being a Christian means today.