A thought for the month

“give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus”

1 Thess. 5v18


ALL circumstances”? Now, that’s a tough one, isn’t it? Most of us can be thankful, and of course should be, when things are going well but “in all circumstances”? What about those times of real hardship and suffering; an illness, the loss of a loved one? What about the heartache you feel over your unsaved child? What about when you’re discouraged, over-stressed, treated unfairly or disillusioned? Maybe it’s the everyday niggles that seem to rob you of a thankful heart?


While watching the recently released Netflix documentary on the life of Billy Graham*, I was struck again by how he never ‘watered down’ what the Bible says but, in faith, believed it to be the absolute Truth – the Word of God. All of it. God’s Word doesn’t change to fit our circumstances, our feelings or opinions. Yet, it is always relevant. So, when Paul (a man who knew suffering!) writes “give thanks in all circumstances” (NB in, not for), he knows that God will use those difficult times to draw us closer to Him. Maybe you will grow in perseverance; learn to forgive; learn to trust; realise that God is bigger; realise true peace and joy aren’t based on how we feel or, whatever circumstances we’re in. His aim is to make us more like His Son and little by little we are being changed. If we keep on holding on to the Mighty Hand of God, He’ll lead us through, or carry us if needs be.


So, let’s choose (because it is a choice) to live a thankful life in it ‘all’ and trust in our God who is working things out for our good, according to His purposes (Romans 8v28).


Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey. - Not a dry eye in our house as we were reminded of the power of the simple Gospel Message of Jesus Christ and one man’s faithfulness in telling others of God’s love for them.

“Thanksgiving..to God for all His blessings should be one of the most distinctive marks of the true believer in Jesus Christ.” Billy Graham.



Sunday Worship including Junior Church 10.30 am at Stokenham Parish Hall

5. May, 2019

Speaker - Dave Fox

Rev: 1 & intro to the letters to the 7 churches

12. May, 2019

Speaker -Dr. John Wibberley

Rev:2 "to the church in Ephesus"

19. May, 2019

Speaker - Judith Walker

26. May, 2019

Speaker - Denis King

Rev:2 "to the church in Smyrna"