A thought for the month

Advent - Humbug !

As I began preparing to produce our information sheet for December I was reminded through unwanted items in my post box, the sudden 'must have' advertising on the TV, the plethora of notices from local organisations and churches of 'events' and even the already burgeoning light displays in public places, that we are all heading for Christmas in very different ways.


For the retail commercial world it is probably the biggest opportunity in the whole year to market and sell product. For many it is a time of partying, 'enjoying' yourself by eating and drinking too much. For children it is a time of expectation and wide-eyed hope of Santa bringing those very expensive things being advertised during their TV programs.


For many it is a time of loneliness and often great problems. When we were foster parents we were told that the season of Christmas produced the greatest number of family breakdowns, through financial strictures and marital strife. For some who are homeless or living rough there is probably not a great deal of hope or expectation of anything changing.


So as we come into this season of the year known as Advent how are we preparing to celebrate the coming to Earth of the Christ child?


The Bible has many prophetic words, often written hundreds of years previously, to let the world know that God would send His Son to redeem mankind. In the Gospels we can read about angelic visitations to the principal characters in the story proclaiming that very soon God was to come and live as a man – an example of what holiness means - and that His purpose was to be Saviour of the world.


So how do we prepare our Advent?

Can we reduce that 'worldly' preparation, can we think more about the reason for the season?

Can we allow ourselves to make time to re-think and contemplate again why the God of all creation should have been preparing to allow His Son to come and live among us?


I leave it up to you.                                                                                 Gerry

Sunday Worship including Junior Church 10.30 am at Stokenham Parish Hall

3. Dec, 2017

Speaker - Gerry Matthewman


10. Dec, 2017

Speaker - Susan Whiteway

17. Dec, 2017

Speaker - John Wibberley

24. Dec, 2017

Fellowship Service

25. Dec, 2017

Christmas Morning Service - 10.30 am

We are meeting for a short service to celebrate the birth of Christ. Carols, a short message and prayers etc. - all in about 1 hour. Home in good time for preparing lunch!

31. Dec, 2017

Speaker - Denis King