A thought for the month

For the times they are a-changin”


These are words from a song by Bob Dylan many years ago now, but over recent days I have pondered on just how much and how fast change happens.


Our grandson started school this term although he seems only just to have been born and some of the Fellowship are brand new to grandparenting! Our young men in the fellowship are off on their University lives, our young ladies are looking for jobs having completed their studies and Ellie is now a married lady. Members of our fellowship have been involved in moving home and we as a Fellowship are seeking the Lord's guidance about moving to completely new premises.


So how do we reconcile that with our Christian lives. Does our life view change with the change in our circumstances? Do we 'adapt' or 'compromise' our walk with the Lord because our routines change?


Mal 3:6 says: “For I am the Lord, I change not!” God doesn't change – ever! He loves us unconditionally, forgives those who acknowledge Jesus as Saviour and Lord unreservedly, promises good to His children eternally and will care for us and our well-being passionately. The world may change around us like a whirlwind but God is our constant help and encourager.


If you are in the process of change and feel, perhaps, frightened or concerned by the scale of it, let Jesus know and ask him in your prayers to bring peace into your situation. Allow His Holy Spirit to calm your fears, to give you hope and to be your counsellor – after all the Lord knows more about your situation than, perhaps, even you do!


And as we enter the season of Advent we can prepare to celebrate the greatest change in all of history – that God became man and dwelt among us – to bring us salvation through sacrifice and with it the promise of an eternal inheritance. Our seemingly small reasons for anxiety evaporate in the immensity of such change!


Sunday Worship including Junior Church 10.30 am at Stokenham Parish Hall

2. Dec, 2018

Speaker - Gerry Matthewman

Genesis - 'Joseph - his fall and rise'

9. Dec, 2018

Speaker - Peter Bottrill & friends

'Open Doors' - India & the persecuted church

16. Dec, 2018

Speaker - John & Jane Wibberley

Genesis - Joseph & his brothers

23. Dec, 2018

Speaker - Denis King

25. Dec, 2018

Led by Gerry Matthewman

Christmas morning service - starting at 10.00a.m.

30. Dec, 2018

Speaker - John Wibberley