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Since having my operation I’ve been doing an Anne Graham Lotz Summer Study that takes the reader through ‘20 Choices That Make All The Difference’. It’s based around the life of Daniel and the man he became through the choices he made. A man of high esteem.


Anne says in the introduction that ‘Choices are like a spiritual, moral workout.’ She likens our spiritual workout to that of a physical workout whereby just doing a few physical stretches each day would show little, if any, noticeable difference. Likewise, she says that ‘our choices are [only] effective when made again and again, day after day. The repetition of right choices builds up our character and strengthens our faith. The repetition of wrong choices can weaken and destroy us. Increasingly, others will be able to see the difference our choices are making.’Good or bad!


Anne then goes on to say how Daniel made right choices again and again – in the face of limited freedom and huge life and situation changes and challenges. Yet, as we know, throughout the whole of his life he never denied His God or did anything that would jeopardise his relationship with Him. He loved God more than life itself. As the lions would testify!!


As I studied the various topics I found myself asking ‘Do I always make choices that please God? Does my faith please Him? Do I seek Him earnestly enough? Am I someone of whom God would say was of high esteem? Does my worship honour Him? Do I worship Him above all else? These questions weren’t condemning they were just questions that the study faced me with. They made me assess where I was in my walk with Him. I was so thankful that it did because I could recommit my life to The Lord and decide afresh to ‘press on towards the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.’ Phil 3:14


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