We completed our studies in Mark's Gospel and the notes we had available are now posted into our Archive file where they are available to all.

We have several other studies available in our Archive file. There are studies in Micah, Galatians, Ephesians and Titus as well as several more general topics.

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Harvest Festival

These are notes provided by John Wibberley following on from his Sunday morning sermon. Please use the Bible passages given to work through the highlight points John shares to understand both the means and the produce of harvest.

The pictures of bees are just to illustrate the fact that what we sometimes see as 'nuisance' is often a vital piece of God's design.


God’s Harvest – Psalm 65


  • vv.1-4 Praise/Prayer/Purging/Provision


  • vv.5-8 Deeds/Design/Direction/Distance


  • vv.9-13 Land/Life/Livelihoods/Livestock/Landscapes


God’s Husbandry & Man’s: Sheep (Ezekiel 34)


vv.1-10 - Irresponsible shepherds


vv.11-31 – God The True Shepherd


Harvesting God’s Way: Crops


  • Mt.13:24-30,36-43 Wheat & Weeds


  • Mt.21:23-32 – Vineyard work


Harvest Parables & Harvests in Parallel (temporal & Eternal)


The Wordless Book (ETS):-


Black; Red; White; Gold = Rom.3:23; 1John1:7; Psa.51:7; Col.1:27