Gerald Gotzen has been one of our mission support enterprises. We regularly had Gerald come to preach and to update the Fellowship on the work going on amongst Christians, Moslems and people of other faiths, throughout the 'Horn of Africa'. He updated us whilst away on his visits to Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland and it has been our privilege to support both financially and in prayer.


We received the following message this morning.


It is with great sadness tempered with grace and hope that I share with you this report. At about 5pm  Ethiopian time on Sunday, December 9, 2018 our beloved brother, Gerald Gotzen went home to be with the Lord. He was in Ethiopia returning to Addis by car from a meeting in Hosanna when the car he was in collided with a truck. It is my understanding he died on route to the hospital. His body is now being transported to Addis Ababa.
Just ten weeks ago, on September 22nd, his beloved wife Elly passed away suddenly in a fire. They were married for 55 years.
Gerald deeply loved Ethiopia and devoted over 40 years of his life to this unique land and people. He told me many times that when he eventually went on to be with the Lord, he wanted to be in Ethiopia. Sadly, his passing was far sooner than any of us would have imagined. 
I met Gerald in Addis Ababa back in 2004 and we immediately became friends. His love for Ethiopia was contagious and through him, I grew to love Ethiopia as well. He soon became a member or our Jewish Voice UK board and served faithfully in that role for more than a decade. He opened many doors for us in that nation, serving as an Ambassador of the Kingdom of God. He was received by Ambassadors, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Patriarchs and Kings and spoke into their lives. 
Most importantly, Gerald was a man of faith who deeply  loved the Lord with all his heart, soul and strength. Although we will all miss him greatly, he is now rejoicing in presence, of the Lord, reunited with his beloved bride and many he helped lead to righteousness.  
Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever” Daniel 12:3
Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO
Jewish Voice Ministries, International
Sad and tragic as this news is, like Jonathan says, Gerald is now with his beloved Elly and in the presence of the Lord he has served so faithfully all these years - he is one of those cast iron certainties for a "Well done, you have been a good and trusted servant."
Pray for Gerald's family who have now lost their father, grandfather etc to another sudden and quite violent end. Pray that they will find peace in knowing that Gerald died going about the Kingdom business that has been his passion for life and in a place where he felt God had used him in a ministry of reconcilliation.
We, along with very many others will miss him.  Rest in peace Gerald.
Leaders & Members South Hams Christian Fellowship

An appreciation of Gerald's life - by John Wibberley (SHCF Trustee)

Gerald Gotzen was an Evangelist trained at Moorlands Bible College when it was in Dawlish – where he gained his Diploma of Theology, specialising in Biblical Studies including Missions, Restoration of Israel and Prophecy (1960 – 1962). He held two PhDs in Biblical Studies and in Humanities, and was a Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society (FRGS). Gerald was a German speaker and understood Amharic. He described himself as a ‘Minister of the Good News’.

He was from 2008 a UK Board Member of El Shaddai TV Network, and a Director (Evangelist) of Jewish Voice Ministries UK for 10 years, especially within Ethiopia. He was associated with Prayer for Israel and with Ruf zur Versoehnung (Call to Reconciliation). He was a Member of IGO - International Gospel Outreach since January 2017, and perhaps above all Director of Ethiopian Horizons since 1963, teaming with his late wife, Elly.

Gerald’s ministry was in teaching and preaching the Kingdom of God - a future expectation and a present reality. Strategy with Medical Missions was pursued with Jewish Voice in Ethiopia and Zimbabwe: he was also a broadcaster with El Shaddai TV Network reaching by satellite Africa and the Middle East. The founders of this tremendous organisation are Dr Abera and his marvellous wife Beletu. By satellite they are reaching Africa and the Middle East;and into other areas with a special decoder. Studies are in London and in Addis Ababa - Ethiopia. Every year they arrange a Conference in Ethiopia with the title "Israel and the Nations", and a live broadcast from Jerusalem - Israel. In September 2013 they planned an Exhibition for the Holocaust where within three days over 4.000 people attended. View the DVD on YouTube - 'Let Us Learn From History'.

Gerald was also an active member of the Jerusalem Forum for Peace. One of the founders Ilan Ronen, he was in the process of constructing a hospital in Addis Ababa; also a hospital in Juba - South Sudan. Gerald was the special Representative of an NGO in Hargeisa the capital of Somaliland. The founder is his friend Dr Omar the special adviser to the President of Somaliland.

Gerald was a regular preacher visiting and speaking in churches and conferences in Great Britain, Germany, USA, Israel and the Middle East, and in Ethiopia. His publications included Jewish Voice Today and ZEALOUS MJBI – publishers were at Phoenix - Arizona (Jewish Voice) and Dallas - Texas (MJBI) in the USA. Both these publications focus on the theme of God's Plan and Purpose for Israel.




Below is a letter he wrote to The Jewish Chronicle this past August.

Churches’indifferenceJewish Chronicle letters Page 10th August 2018 –

From Rev Gerald Gotzen, Torquay

What is the reason for the leaders of the churches, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Free Church, who are conspicuous by their absence and silence concerning the definite increase of antisemitism especially in the Labour Party?

Where is their prophetic voice of solidarity, from their experience of the Bible, for the despair and fear of the Jewish people who have made such a great contribution in all levels of our society? It is impossible to separate the events of the Bible with Jewish people living in the land of Israel and here in Britain.  The former PM Harold Wilson was very clear in his views when he wrote The Chariots of Israel.

It seems as if the Bishops in the House of Lords do not realise that foundations of the Christian faith are based on the Torah of Moses, the Psalms of David and the message of the Prophets? Are they not aware that Jesus and his mother were Jewish, that circumcision on the 8th day and participation in the feasts of Israel in particular all originate in Judaism . The Communion service is related to the Passover celebration — a festival of freedom. All 12 Apostles from Galilee and Jerusalem were born in the land of Israel.

In the 19th century, Bishop John Lightfoot, from Durham, in his sermons emphasised “the miraculous preservation of Israel through history”. And in the 20th century Dean Inge of St Paul’s Cathedral said: “The Jewish people will stand at the graveside of all his persecutors”.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s parents were dedicated Methodists especially on social issues. When he was sent to Sunday School he must have heard the famous story of Jesus and the encounter with the woman at the well. In this conversation, he emphasised  the “Salvation of the Jews”.

This tremendous truth is valid for today. Christianity has an immense debt to the Jewish people.