Gerald Gotzen has been one of our mission support enterprises. We regularly had Gerald come to preach and to update the Fellowship on the work going on amongst Christians, Moslems and people of other faiths, throughout the 'Horn of Africa'.


Members of the Fellowship attended a Thanksgiving Service on Wed. 30th Jan to celebrate the life, work and ministry of this man of God.

There were between 150-200 people present in the hall at Brunel Manor, according to estimates, and the service was hosted by the Prayer for Israel organisation who were having a conference there,

Many people spoke about Gerald's life and work in partnership with his dear wife Elly, whose call home we celebrated before Christmas. It was said several times that Gerald could speak with Presidents, Princes or the common man on the street, with equal integrity and that his influence benefitted a huge number of people in many communities.


Many will miss him, but he wanted his work to continue and bear more fruit and we are sure that those still engaged in the work will honour his requests.

Gerald was buried in Ethiopa, the country he has loved for many years. If you would like to see the service use this link.

Most of the service is in Amharic but there several English speakers in the middle of the proceedings which are good to listen to.