Gerald Gotzen is one of our mission support enterprises. We regularly have Gerald come to preach and to update the Fellowship on the work going on amongst Christians, Moslems and people of other faiths, throughout the 'Horn of Africa'. He updates us whilst away on his visits to Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland and his latest journeys are detailed below for support and prayer.

We have published here a report and some photos that we have received from him.


Click on this link to watch a short film about the work amongst Ethiopian Jews

Praise the Lord for His provision and protection for this assignment in Ethiopia


***** Pan African Brethren Conference in Addis Ababa with delegates from Africa, India, UK and the USA. The themes – Vision, Mission and Action for the expansion of the kingdom of God.


***** A special visit to leaders of the Africa Union with evangelist Temesgin who travels regularly to the Middle East.


***** Supplying Scriptures to Abi who is engaged in establishing churches in the Afar region located in the Danakil desert among the adherents of Islam.


***** Accompanied by Pastor Yohannes and Evangelist Tadesse a lengthy journey and meeting with the Gafat community who claim Jewish heritage, tradition and practice. Then ministry in a prison among men, women with their children. Distribution of the Gospel of John and the challenging book “Who Is Jesus Christ?” What a tremendous response!


***** Surprise encounter with clergy from the renewal movement within the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. One hundred years before the reformation of Martin Luther in Germany, a young monk called Aba Stefanos made this amazing discovery in the Scriptures that salvation is by faith in Jesus Christ alone. This movement continues today. I am invloved in a drama-documentary film of these events which will be completed before Christmas – Amharic and English version.