Gerald Gotzen is one of our mission support enterprises. We regularly have Gerald come to preach and to update the Fellowship on the work going on amongst Christians, Moslems and people of other faiths, throughout the 'Horn of Africa'. He updates us whilst away on his visits to Ethiopia, Somalia and Somaliland and his latest journeys are detailed below for support and prayer.

We have published here a report and some photos that we have received from him.

From Sunset to Sunrise My Name shall be great among the Nations

Malachi 1:11


Amazing experiences discovering the land of Israel with Pastor Abera and his wife

Beletu with over sixty Ethiopians. This scene is by the shores of Galilee. Here we

enjoyed fellowship with the Messianic Fellowship. Meeting with the Jewish leaders of Jerusalem Forum for Peace – a movement of reconciliation.

Contact with my friends in Christ Church established in the 1840's with the Bishop Micheal Solomon Alexander from Plymouth. A special event was the live broadcast in Tel Aviv with El Shaddai TV Network reaching Africa, the Middle East and by internet world-wide. The congregation was over three hundred with our group and Ethiopian Messianic believers including many leaders from the Fellowships. The actual programme of praise and prayer, testimony and ministry of the Word of God continued until past midnight – a durations of five hours.




Flying to Ethiopia to participate in the Medical Mission in Addis Ababa with the House of Abraham community – nearly 10.000 patients were treated in one week by the doctors and nurses of Jewish Voice. What an impact!


Then working with my good friends Evangelists Tadesse and Tessema supplying them with the necessary Scriptures and the vital booklets 'Gateway to Life' and the 'Secret of Life' in the Amharic and Oromo languages. Also ministry with Somali believers including from the Yibir (Hebrews) tribe.




New assignment to Ethiopia from the 9th to the 24th of October to attend the Pan-African Brethren Conference in Addis Ababa. Delegates from the various nations of Africa and former missionaries from Northern Ireland who were the pioneers of this tremendous endeavour in proclaiming the Gospel. Hundreds of Ethiopians will participate. My responsibility will be to provide the Word of God, a new printing of “Who is Jesus Christ?” in Amharic (3.000 copies) by veteran missionary Kenneth Jones, and the distribution of the booklet in English 'Grace Awakened' by George Verwer the founder OM. I am reminded of the former BT advert - “Good News travels fast and it starts right here”.