Enhance your giving.

Fellowship giving

Important Note

We have stopped the practice of taking a collection within the Service on Sundays. We have done this because we think it is the responsibility of the members of the Fellowship to suport the work of the Fellowship and we felt that we should refrain from asking visitors to make a contribution to our costs.


We have provided a lovely wooden box, which will be on the table by the door each week so that those who desire to do so can still make a cash contribution.

Members are also able to give on a more 'direct' basis through a Standing Order to the Fellowship's bank account and we have provided the necessary forms to allow you to set that sytem in operation.

You can now download a 'Standing Order' form or a 'Gift Aid Declaration' form by using the link provided at the foot of this section.


Regular giving provides the fellowship with an anticipated income and allows the Leadership to make decisions regarding financial donations to the mission organisations we support, or to plan for whatever capital expenditure that may be required.

If you download and complete this form, you should take it to your bank and ask them to facilitate the SO.

You could also let Arthur know what you have decided to do so that he will recognise your gift when it appears on the bank statement.


Signing up for Gift Aid allows the fellowship to reclaim the tax that has already been paid on income, be it earnings, pension or investment income and so enhances your gift by 25% - a significant uplift. All you are required to do is sign the form and declare that you have had sufficient tax deducted to cover the amount reclaimable.

If you download and complete this form you should give it to Arthur who will need it to complete the records required by HMRC for the recording of Gift Aided donations.

If you have any questions regarding SO or GA please speak either to Arthur Worrall or possibly Gerry Matthewman.