CAP is back in business!

Because of the 'lock-down' CAP has not been able to operate for the last few months but, with the easing of restrictions, they are now beginning to pick up new clients.


There is, however, a change in procedure. Most of the work will be done online or by phone or text to reduce the possibility of infection. This means that the process will take longer and they will be able to assist fewer people at any one time.


With hardships occasioned by the effects of the virus there is a growing need for financial advice and help with debts and so the requirement of CAP assistance is likely to grow.


Pray for our local CAP Office, for Fraser, Phil and Dave as they seek to adjust to new working requirements and reach out to those in need.


CAP Debt Counselling

Due to the current Covid-19 crisis all visits to clients were suspended for the sake of safety, but Dave Fox, one of our Leaders, is now assisting clients through communication by phone. These are referred to him through CAP HQ, and he works with others in the South Hams Centre based in Totnes, as part of the team.

Dave has already been helping those struggling with problems associated with unmanagable debt.

If you, yourself, or anybody you know needs help in this regard please contact CAP direct on the Freephone number shown above and they will make the arrangements for someone, maybe Dave, from the local Centre to contact you. Neither the Debt Centre nor individual Debt Coaches can accept your initial contact.

CAP Money Course

SHCF - Christians Against Poverty

We are able to offer the Christians Against Poverty - CAP Money Course - across the South Hams area.

We have two trained course presenters who would be pleased to come to a church, hall, community centre or even a home to show, through this course, how to better manage your budget.

The course is designed to fit into 4 sections which could be 4 evening presentations, and is very practical and interactive. The presenters use 'ordinary' language to help explain the way that budgeting can improve the understanding of being able to cope financially.

If you would like more information or would like to host a course please call either Gerry Matthewman or Reg Rew and we would be happy to talk with you.