Sunday morning talks.

We have just begun a new series of studies in our service on Sunday - this time looking at the Gospel of John. Speakers were invited to speak on the particular passage  as we progress through this challenging NT account of the work and ministry of Jesus.


If you would like to continue to study these chapters further using prepared notes and questions for study supplied by our speakers, you will find some of the talks in our study archives.


Not all of our speakers are able to supply notes but those that we do receive are now to be found under our 'archived' studies eventually, which can be accessed from the link below:


However, we welcome you to come along and find out what the Lord has been saying to us as our various 'in house' and guest speakers open up the scriptures and help us all to understand how the authors seek to encourage us to be 'doers' not just 'believers' of the Word.


These studies will take us up to the Easter season in 2020, where we will finish with John's account of the final part of Jesus' mission to reconcile man to God.



Housegroup is now meeting again and is usually held at Reg & Fiona's home in Stokenham. We usually spend time discussing further aspects of the passage preached on the previous Sunday, but also have studies and discussion on a range of passages of Scripture.

There is always time for prayer and we are now intending to incorporate, on a more regular basis, matters for prayer that have been of particular focus on our previously held Sat morning 'Prayer for the Nations' meetings. (we will probably not hold any more meetings on Saturdays for this purpose)