Sunday services.

We have, like everybody else, suspended our meetings for worship on Sundays. We 'experimented' with the possibility of returning to actual meetings in the Parish Hall and did meet a couple of times in December.

We have done a complete Risk Assessment, using the Govt. guidelines and the Parish Hall Committee's regulations but have decided that during the 'lock-down' we will continue to meet via Zoom for the immediate future and until it seems safe to meet together again.


We have Sunday Service at 10.30 a.m. on 'Zoom' and we can supply the link to anyone wishing to join us.

This is a 'live' service and has been adapted and arranged to enable us to share in a common experience of worship and teaching. From Sep. 2020 we embarked upon a new study series, this time looking at the book of Romans. (a follow up to the Sunday sermon will be the subject of the following week's Housegroup study).


It is great to see and hear others in the Fellowship in these times. We have all gained a bit more technical knowledge through learning how to use this medium for 'meetings' but enjoy being able to share in this way.