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Sunday morning talks.

We are sharing another series during our Sunday mornings - this 'term' we are going to look into the letter of James.

Often spoken of as a 'book of works' not faith, there are lessons for all of us as we try and live out the things we believe in the community in which God has placed us - as we seek to bring Christ into our everyday lives by trying to live a Godly life.

This series began on 10th June.


We welcome you to come along and find out more as our various 'in house' and guest speaker open up this book and help us all to understand how the author seeks to encourage us to be 'doers' not just 'believers' of the Word.


We hope to be able to post notes from these studies so that folk can re-visit or catch up on particular talks they might have missed - this does depend on the generosity of our speakers to provide notes to accompany their talks.




We will be looking at the previous weeks notes on our talks on James. We share the task of opening up further study through questions and discussion. These sessions mean that many views can be expressed and our combined understanding expanded in a friendly and open time of sharing.

Tea, coffee and home made biscuits add a social dynamic.