Sunday services.

We have, like everybody else, suspended our meetings for worship on Sundays. This situation will last until at least the end of May.


This does not mean that we have given up 'worship' for the duration! We decided that we do not have the means at present to offer our own 'online' service so we have a number of website addresses that we can offer, where folk in the Fellowship can join with other churches in an act of worship and listen to good teaching and preaching.


Members of the Fellowship can choose what and where they join and we share our thoughts and views on what we have heard in our 'Prayer & Share' times on Zoom on Sunday evenings.


It is great to see and hear, in a live conversation, others in the Fellowship in these times. We have all gained a bit more technical knowledge through learning how to use this medium for 'meetings' but enjoy being able to share in this way.