What is 'Churches Gathering'?

Churches Gathering is a loose association of churches in Kingsbridge and surrounding area, who between them believe it is a good thing for Christians to meet together to celebrate their unity in believing Christ to be Saviour and Lord.

Presently the group is supported by the two Anglican churches in Kingsbridge, the Roman Catholic Church, Kingsbridge Family Church, Kingsbridge Methodist Church and South Hams Christian Fellowship.

There are other churches who are associated with Churches Gathering in the area and who have hosted some of the events that are put on.

We will try and keep you informed of these joint events in the calendar and would encourage all who would wish to see the cause of the Gospel advanced in Kingsbridge and surrounding area to support.


Planned Meetings:


Autumn service - Sunday 13th Oct - St. Edmund's Church - 6.00p.m. The theme of the service is 'Celebrating God's provision'.


Details of all these events will be published when finalised but if you want information about any of them prior, please contact a member from the church involved.