We support Tim & Hannah and their work for Latin Link in Brazil.

Hannah is the neice of one of our members and it is great to be able to offer suport to someone known to us. Tim, Hannah & Rita visited the fellowship and so we were able to spend time hearing about their work in both Brazil and South Sudan.

The family are now in Brazil and we will continue to support them financially and through prayer for their work in a new area. We will publish regular updates from them and indications for prayer.

February / Fevereiro / Akɔcdit '19
Dear Friends,

We spent last year flying; we will spend this year growing roots. Last year we travelled to the UK and South Sudan twice, to Guatemala and moved house within Brazil; this year we don't plan to leave Brazil.

The poem below describes the experience of many Third Culture Kids and I include for our little Rita, who has travelled so much in her first year of life.

Wings and Roots
They recommend
You give a child roots
When young,
And wings,
When older.
You gave us wings
When we were born,
So that we could find our roots
When older.
Yet roots will always beckon
Wings to settle down,
And wings resist
The thought of chains.
So born with wings,
The natural drive to fly
Will always prevent
Roots from growing deep.

© Hannah Tow, née Grosshauser
From Educare, March '18 edition.

Pray that we would help Rita to grow roots: to have a sense of belonging, strong relationships with family in the UK, and settle in her home in Custódia.

Pray that we would help Rita to grow wings: to be able to transition well between cultures and places, to grow in independence and confidence, and to be comfortable in new places and with new people.

Here are some ways in which we hope as a family to all grow roots in Custódia this year:
  • Getting into a healthy work/rest weekly routine: 3 visits to Sabá/week, Mondays off, teenagers group on Fridays, Hannah's Latin Link short term coordinator role on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, Tim's South Sudan day on Fridays; Sabá service on Saturday pm, main church service on Sunday evenings;
  • On 5th February Rita will start nursery Tuesday-Friday mornings;
  • Investing in friendships in the church;
  • Setting up our home to receive guests
Special time with family in the UK over Christmas
Returning to Custódia
We were met off the bus at midnight on arrival in Custódia by 30 church friends cheering and waving a banner. It was nice to be so warmly welcomed back and to see that things had held together during our time away in the UK.

We are coming to the end of the Brazilian summer holidays. Since being back we have been busy preparing for the start of the new term and making the most of the young people's free time by making extra visits to the quilombola community and holding planning meetings.

We are preaching through the Gospel of Mark in the quilombola church in Sabá, planning to arrive at the ressurection on Easter Sunday. Many in the quiombola community are illiterate (especially older people as access to primary and secondary education has only been possible recently), and so we have been loaning out USB drives with audio bibles on - starting with the gospel of Mark and a few of our sermons. Some people listened through the whole thing in a week - and one person had listened twice!

Latin Link
In her role as Latin Link Brazil team's Short Term Coordinator,  supposedly 2 mornings a week, Hannah has been writing a candidate selection process and all the documents that go with it. She already has 4 candidates going through this new process. Pray for wisdom and for God's leading in this and also as we plan to receive a short term mission team here in Custódia in August.If you're interested in joining the team you can see more info here:
Church at the Quilombola Association

Do you work in Brazil or South Sudan?
Both! We live in Brazil but make visits to South Sudan every year. God has given us a heart and long-term vision for both countries.

Where are you living now?
Last year we moved 6hrs inland within Brazil to Custódia. Custódia is in Northeast Brazil's semi-arid sertão region in Pernambuco state. We work with the Betel Brasileiro denomination with a focus on outreach to quilombolas in Sabá.
Who are quilombolas again?
Quilombola communities are predominantly Afro-Brazilian communities formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression, often hundreds of years ago. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 quilombola communities in Brazil. Quilombolas are considered an “unreached people group” in Brazil.
Prayer points:
* Thank God for the wonderful news of a woman who recommitted her life to Christ in the quilombola church whilst we were away. Pray for Cida as she studies the bible with a church member who is discipling her: for hunger for God's word and for a steady daily walk with Jesus.

* For Rita to settle in well to her new nursey, starting on 5th February. For us to have wisdom in how to help her to grow roots and wings.

* For Hannah to have wisdom and know God's leading in her role as Latin Link Brazil team Short Term Coordinator.

* The dam which burst in Minas Gerais, 3hrs flight south of us, has destroyed an entire quilombola community. Pray for Córrego do Feijão, the emergency response, for those who have lost loved ones, and for justice. Pray that people responsible would be held accountable and those who have lost land would be compensated properly and able to live together in community on other land (their land is now polluted and unusable).
Thanks for your prayers and participation in God's mission with us.

Love and solidarity,

Tim, Hannah & Rita Nyanabyei x
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