We support Tim & Hannah and their work for Latin Link in Brazil.

Hannah is the neice of one of our members and it is great to be able to offer suport to someone known to us. Tim, Hannah & Rita visited the fellowship and so we were able to spend time hearing about their work in both Brazil and South Sudan.

The family are now in Brazil and we will continue to support them financially and through prayer for their work in a new area. We will publish regular updates from them and indications for prayer.

Latest news

Feliz Ano Novo! Happy New Year!
Dear Friends,

Just a quick message introducing you to Moses Biong Flatman! Born 11th December ‘19.

Moses after the humblest man on earth who spoke to God face to face as a man speaks with his friend (Num 12:3 & Ex 33:11). And the Dinka name Biong after our good friend from Abyei, South Sudan: a gentle and gifted man of God with a servant heart.
Moses is healthy and makes us very happy, filling all our hearts with joy and love. Rita adores her little brother and has to be watched at all moments with him because of the affectionate, tight squeezes she gives him. We had a ‘quiet’ Christmas with just the 4 of us this year – I say quiet, but there was plenty going on with a toddler and newborn to entertain. We praise God for this precious gift of life.
Prayer requests:
  • Thank God for the precious gift of baby Moses: for the joy he brings to us and many.
  • For those we have handed over responsibilities to during maternity/paternity leave to grow in faith and maturity, to administer well, to be diligent and committed.

Do you work in Brazil or South Sudan?

Both! We live in Brazil but make visits to South Sudan every year. God has given us a heart and long-term vision for both countries.

Where are you living now?

Last year we moved 5hrs inland within Brazil to Custódia. Custódia is in Northeast Brazil's semi-arid sertão region in Pernambuco state. We work with the Betel Brasileiro denomination with a focus on outreach to quilombolas in Sabá.
Who are quilombolas again?

Quilombola communities are predominantly Afro-Brazilian communities formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression, often hundreds of years ago. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 quilombola communities in Brazil. Quilombolas are considered an “unreached people group” in Brazil.
We'll write again soon with other news but for now we wanted to say a big thank you for continuing to partner with us over the past year and into the new one.

We are so grateful for all your support and generosity to us as a family. Your prayers and encouragement mean so much and make such a big difference!
Love & solidarity,
Hannah, Tim, Rita and Moses
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