We support Tim & Hannah and their work for Latin Link in Brazil.

Hannah is the neice of one of our members and it is great to be able to offer suport to someone known to us. Tim, Hannah & Rita visited the fellowship and so we were able to spend time hearing about their work in both Brazil and South Sudan.

The family are now in Brazil and we will continue to support them financially and through prayer for their work in a new area. We will publish regular updates from them and indications for prayer.

Tim & Hannah

Tim & Hannah and family with Tim's Mum & Dad during a recent visit prior to Coronavirus

How to be part of SHCF 'Prayer & Share' whilst living in Brazil!


It was really great to welcome Tim & Hannah and family to our Sunday evening 'Prayer & Share' meeting a couple of weeks ago - the wonders of modern science!


They were able to update us on the work they are doing in their area of Brazil, whilst trying to cope with the effects of local 'lock-down' due to the Coronavirus.


Much the same difficulties exist there as here and T & H are both frustrated that they cannot actually visit the communities that they work with. They reported that they are encouraging the believers and others they are seeking to reach, by using mobile phone messaging as reception for this technology is better than the internet in that area,


Communities are seeking to help each other, where possible, and to try and survive in a place where there is not the state aid and infrastructure that we are all so used to and dependant on for basic needs,

Covid 19 is not quite so dangerous, though, as the isolation of the whole community by distance has kept down the risk of infection.


We continue to pray for Tim. Hannah, Rita and Moses that the Lord will keep them safe and enable them to resume their work when safe to do so,


Tim has take on a new role, nationally, for Latin Link and we pray that he will enjoy the new responsibilities and ability to keep in contact with others in the mission.

Moses getting to know Grandma.

Rita doing a spot of cooking!