We support Tim & Hannah and their work for Latin Link in Brazil.

Hannah is the neice of one of our members and it is great to be able to offer suport to someone known to us. Tim, Hannah & Rita visited the fellowship and so we were able to spend time hearing about their work in both Brazil and South Sudan.

The family are now in Brazil and we will continue to support them financially and through prayer for their work in a new area. We will publish regular updates from them and indications for prayer.

August / Agosto / Bilthii ‘20
Dear Friends,

We arrive in the UK on 17th August until the end of January! We had always planned to come back for a few months around this time because we are due to be on Sending Country Assignment (SCA) with Latin Link. SCA is a time when we visit our supporting churches and Latin Link to feed back about our last 3 year term of service, and make plans for the coming years, as well as visiting friends and family. With COVID-19 restrictions this time will be quite different to other SCAs and what we had originally planned. But we hope to see many of you still over the coming months. We have a few holidays booked in and time for rest after being in a fairly strict lockdown since March.
Our first 14 days in the UK will be spent in quarantine at Mum and Dad Cross's house and garden whilst they are away. Rita is most excited about seeing family, playing on the green grass, and snow! She doesn't remember the UK and so has some interesting ideas about what it is like gleaned from TV and reading Old Bear stories!

Another reason for visiting now is that we finally all managed to get permanent residence in Brazil! Thank you God and Moses (we received it on the basis of having a Brazilian son here). This is a fantastic answer to prayer and means that we can come and go from Brazil without more complicated paperwork and the uncertainty of having to renew it every year or two.
We are arriving in the UK in need of a rest after an intense rhythm of life with 2 little ones at home and no outside help or childcare as well as ministry demands. Although it has been a tiring and sometimes stressful season of life, we are grateful for living in a place where the virus has been slow to spread as local government have responded well avoiding an even worse crisis.

Serra da Torre quilombola community remains COVID19-free. Pray that continues as many of our friends are more vulnerable than most. We are now holding presential services again in Serra da Torre quilombola community in the open air (see photos above), with appropriate measures including spacing chairs, and cleaning chairs and bibles before and after. But were are not yet able to resume kids activities there. So Hannah is leading a small team making short children's videos and preparing a kit of activities to accompany them each week. Hannah and our children haven't been to a service since March, but are able to join in with the kids' activities and leaving prayer audios on the church whatsapp group. We also try to record the sermons and post them on whatsapp for adults who are elderly or more vulnerable. We've just finished a short series on Jesus' ministry and the team will be preaching through Jonah and then Encounters with Jesus from the Gospels, and then the Christmas story in our absence. Weekly bible studies continue to be online-only. Over the last few months, the residents in Sabá who were baptised last year have become more involved in leading bible studies and helping organise food distributions; we hope this will continue in our absence.

Do you work in Brazil or South Sudan?

Both! We live in Brazil but make visits to South Sudan every year. God has given us a heart and long-term vision for both countries.
 Prayer requests:
  • Thank God that we now have permanent residence in Brazil and when we get our new residence cards, they will last for 9 years before having to renew them.
  • We arrive in the UK on 17th August and return to Brazil 25 January - pray for wisdom and insight to see the right opportunities as we rethink how this time might look. Also pray for our journey to be quick, safe and with no complications, and for a busy week or two before we fly.
  • In Sabá (Serra da Torre), presential services are up and running again for adults - in the open air, chairs spread out and with lots of cleaning before and after. Kids are participating too by watching videos online and doing activity sheets which they post on whatsapp. Thank God for the encouragement we've had through this participation.
  • Continue to pray for Fr Biong whose relatives were kidnapped several months ago now in a raid by Misseriya militias on a village in Abyei, South Sudan. The children have still not been returned.
Thanks for keeping us and the communities we love in your prayers. We are so encouraged to see all that God is doing through you, the team of people who support us.

Love & solidarity,
Hannah, Tim, Rita and Moses

Where are you living now?

Last year we moved 5hrs inland within Brazil to Custódia. Custódia is in Northeast Brazil's semi-arid sertão region in Pernambuco state. We work with the Betel Brasileiro denomination with a focus on outreach to quilombolas in Sabá and Cardoso, parts of the Serra da Torre quilombo.

Who are quilombolas again?

Quilombola communities are predominantly Afro-Brazilian communities formed as an act of resistance to slavery and racist oppression, often hundreds of years ago. It is estimated that there are over 5,000 quilombola communities in Brazil. Quilombolas are considered an “unreached people group” in Brazil.
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