28th Year Celebration

The South Hams Christian Fellowship celebrated its 28th Anniversary in 2017. The Fellowship was formed as a result of a group praying for guidance about where and how they should worship, using Gods word as a basis for all that was done.


We are a family of Bible believing Christians who have confessed that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord and welcome those who are interested to learn more. We meet together to worship God and to learn more of what it means to be a Christian as we look at the Bible and pray together. Learning from one another and from visiting preachers who we invite to our Sunday morning services. We are so grateful that they are willing to come and share with us what they feel that God has for us from His word


During the first year, our acknowledged leader tragically died. During the following few years we lost a number of the older men and we really felt that loss . After much prayer we were joined by others and it is so good to feel that God supplies our need and encourages us to continue.



Our Leadership Team have been appointed as mature committed Christians who are responsible for the spiritual welfare and the practical management of the fellowship and also Trustees from outside, who will advise and support us. More can be learnt from the website.


Over the years, numbers have varied as some of the group have died and others gone away for various reasons. Initially we met in a house, but it was soon obvious that a bigger venue was needed for fifty. So the Parish Hall was the obvious answer. Trying to accommodate the children in the large kitchen wasn't ideal, so when the Wesley Smith room was added that was a blessing.


Occasionally, numbers have dwindled so much that we have wondered whether it was right to carry on, but after praying and asking God to show us what he wanted us to do, others have moved into the district and joined us . That seemed the answer. Now we are encouraged, and when we met for our Anniversary Lunch 30 or so, sat down to a much appreciated roast meal. We can only do it this way as one of our leaders opens her home to the fellowship for times when we get together and actually the Junior Church youngsters meet there for their class.

During the year we are privileged to welcome a number of visitors who have either read our poster or more recently found us on the website. Some we see year after year as they holiday and want to come and worship with us. Others who have moved from the area visit us when they can.


It is encouraging when someone tells us that they want to be baptised as witness to their belief in Jesus and want to do it the way it was done in the New Testament. Several have chosen to be baptised in the sea, others decided to go to a local swimming pool and others a local church has offered their own pool. Recently five of our older teenagers have been baptised. One of them asked to be baptised in Israel when the family were there on holiday. They showed us a video to share it with us. Two of them are now away at Uni. In all, about 20 have made this decision over the years.


We are very much a family. We rejoice together and share situations we find difficult, praying for one another. Over the years we have found that our faith has changed us as we want to be his followers being guided by his Holy Spirit. We were reminded last Sunday that the fruit of the Spirit should be becoming apparent in each of us as we ask Jesus into our lives .


Each Sunday we end our service with a simple celebration of sharing bread and wine remembering Jesus' death and resurrection for all those who love Him.


There is an early morning meeting for prayer, held in a home . Also a House-group during the week. Opportunities such as films or a meal are often used to introduce others to Jesus.


(Thanks to Jennifer for this piece.)