32 Years old and looking at new challenges!


The South Hams Christian Fellowship celebrated its 32nd Anniversary last week. The Fellowship was formed as a result of a group praying for guidance about where and how they should worship, using Gods word as a basis for all that was done.

We are a family of Bible believing Christians who have confessed that Jesus is our Saviour and Lord and welcome those who are interested to learn more. We meet together to worship God and to learn more of what it means to be a Christian as we look at the Bible and pray together. Learning from one another and from visiting preachers who we invite to our Sunday morning services. We are so grateful that they are willing to come and share with us what they feel that God has for us from His word.

This year sees the Fellowship still considering the issue of premises. We have been offered an existing church building, that needs an awful lot of remedial work to make it a fitting place for worship and ministry, and it is in a different location. Those offering the building have indicated great generosity in enabling the Fellowship to make the building fit for purpose but the change of location is something that several members are troubled about.

It is good to celebrate the years that have passed and the goodness and keeping grace of God through this time, but we are now facing the challenge of what vision we have and what purpose the Lord might have for us in the coming years and with a rising new generation of believers in the Fellowship.

Whilst talks progress about the building, we as a group of believers are committed to pray about the vision and what our response should be to the challenge laid before us.

We have involved other churches in the community of "Churches Gathering in Kingsbridge", asking them to pray with us and share with us their thoughts about this possibility of change. We are seeking God's will in whatever decision we eventually come to but our 30th year will certainly be both challenging and interesting!