Mission work supported by SHCF

As a Fellowship we are able to support various mission & social enterprises both at home and abroad. To some we offer regular monthly financial aid, to some we make annual gifts and we seek to be responsive to catastrophes in parts of the world liable to natural disasters and those man-made.

The Fellowship reviews the support it offers on an annual basis - some may be added, some receive less, some more as circumstances dictate.

We see this all as a natural extension of the call to be 'Jesus' in the world and although we cannot respond to every situation we can add our contribution to that of others and let God expand that to bring succour and aid in the form of food or shelter as demonstrated by the 'loaves and fishes' incident reported in the Gospels.

We usually seek to use Christian agencies to distribute the funds and they too are in our prayers for safety and wisdom.

Somebody said once that    "...one man cannot change the world!", but with God's help we seek to change the world for one man at a time.

This is not just a case of throwing money at a situation - we try and stay abreast of what the organisations are doing by inviting people working in them to come and speak about the work, we receive literature on a regular basis that updates members, and above all we try to remember the work in our prayers.


Please have a look at some of the ways we are able to serve our fellow man with God's help.