Olivia Rew - Operation Mobilisation

Olivia is now on board O.M. ship 'Logos Hope' for a three month voluntary post.


She has joined the ship and become part of the team as they sail along the Pacific coast of South America, visiting a number of destinations. They will eventually round Cape Horn and sail up the Atlantic coast before reaching their final destination.


Olivia will be helping with the children's work and with many other duties as she becomes integrated into the team. She has been assigned to the galley (kitchen in land-lubber speak) for the time being and is working as part of the catering staff. Many mouths to feed every day so she will be busy!


We hope to be able to bring regular news items about her travels and experiences.


Please pray for Olivia that the Lord will richly bless her for taking this step. Pray also for her family as they will no doubt miss her.


These are Olivia's prayer requests:


For the work of Logos Hope and the communities it serves.


That I’ll have a ready heart to serve.


Opportunities to share the hope that I have in Jesus with those I meet.



Olivia left from Gatwick on 15th Jan 2019 and arrived on Logos Hope on 17th Jan. 

She leaves Logos Hope on 22nd April arriving back at Heathrow on 23rd April.