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 Current situation:

 After her adventures around South America at the beginning of last year and more recently in Serbia, both with Operation Mobilisation, Olivia felt challenged to continue in her 'missionary service' in a new venture.

Olivia won a place to serve with an international organisation working for social justice in South Asia starting in March 2020.

This is a 'voluntary service mission' and Olivia will have to find funding to support herself both getting to her placement and back home again and throughout her time there - a big committment!

With international borders all closing as a precaution to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, Olivia's departure has been put on hold. She and all the 'interns' in the project have either been returned home or asked to stay at home until the situation everywhere improves and becomes safer.

This is very frustrating for all concerned and reduces the number of people working for this cause.

Pray for IJM workers still in post, for all those who like Olivia were looking forward to being able to help and for all those who would now be waiting for someone to help them in their difficult situations. Pray for protection for those who are powerless to help themselves and are being abused or sold into prostitution etc.

We will update this page as soon as we know what is happening.


Olivia went to Washington U.S.A for a week of orientation and training in January in preparation for her departure. She made some new friends which included people who would be working with her in the placement and she gained a greater understanding of the work she will be involved in.

This is what she said about her experience:


I have just returned from an orientation week in Washington DC where I met other interns and learnt more about the organisation's vision and how they operate. I was so impressed by their professionalism and inspired by how they depend on God and seek his guidance. I was also struck that despite the heaviness of their work they live with such joy. It is a great honour to be joining this incredible team.


Olivia describes what she will be doing thus:


I will be living in South Asia to work full time in the Government Relations and Advocacy team in one of their offices. My role on a daily basis will be spent in the office completing projects and assignments. The work of partnering with policy makers to build effective and sustainable criminal justice systems is vital to preventing violent crime.


If you would like to follow Olivia's work and progress, this is how she would like you to support:


Will you partner with me?

Through prayer:
I really value your prayers as I prepare to move to a new country and as I settle into my new job. Also please keep the mission in your prayers as they shine the goodness of Jesus in the darkest places.

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Through giving financially:
As a non-profit organisation resources are limited and so this internship is unpaid. I need to raise my travel and living expenses for the year which come to about £12,000.  If 5 people gave £50, 15 people gave £30 and 25 people gave £10 per month I would reach my goal. One-off donations are also very welcome – anything you can give will make such a difference!

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