World of Worth

Another of the worldwide ministries we support is WOW!

contact details and much more information can be found on their website but we thought we would just share their latest newsletter with you.


Like many such 'aid' charities WOW is suffering from lower fund incomes but is, nevertheless, managing to offer support to many folk across the areas where they are currently engaged.

Training people to grow their own crops is having a positive effect and although people are not able to sell their 'excess' produce, they are finding newways to work through restrictions that exist in their own countries.


Latest news

Andy with some 'happy people' on one of his visits.

Dear Friends


Sadly we find ourselves in another lockdown, I hope that you are keeping safe and well during this difficult times. Christmas and New Year did seem very quiet and we missed seeing our family and friends, as I am sure you did too. Although we did have lots of Zooms calls and What’s App conversations which was nice, but it’s not the same as sitting in the same room and eating the Christmas cake together


If 2020 taught us one thing it’s that we can stay in touch and we can communicate through various types of technology. Let’s be honest not that many of us were using any of this when we 2020! I still thought that Zoom was an ice lolly, or am I showing my age at this point!


But here we are watching church online and having prayer meetings and catching up with friends and family via zoom! We have really enjoyed the previous WOW Coffee & Chat Zoom calls, it has been so good to meet some of you for the first time, and of course to see some familiar faces as well.


We would really like you to join us for the next one which is taking place on Thursday 21st January we have two times available at 10.30 or 19.30. It will last for 45-60 minutes and will have updates and news about the projects that WOW supports around the world. We are also hoping to have one of our project leaders join us depending on their internet connection, or at least a message directly from them.


If you would like to join us please just email me at  and I will email you the link, please let me know if you would like to join us at 10.30 or 19.30.


Thank you for all your support and prayers and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Every Blessing and look forward to seeing you soon



Andrew David



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