Chapel development

Things are now moving at a slightly faster pace in the work on the Chapel.


The re-pointing of the whole of the exterior stonework is now almost completed - just waiting for the new windows to be installed so that the exterior reveals can be completed.


The steel reinforcing for the ground floor is also almost completed and the installation of the damp-proof membrane system for walls and floor on the lower ground floor is well under way.


We are now waiting for the roofer to come and do the repairs and re-flashing work that is required after we have been advised that the present roof has another 5-10 years of life before requiring complete replacement. The repairs will protect the building from water ingress and therefore further wood rot.


We are getting ready, weather allowing, to replace all the soffits and fascias which will then allow us to install new gutters and downpipes, thus removing the risk of past water penetration through the walls.


Electical, plumbing and heating installation will begin once the damp-proofing in completed internally and some parts of the building will begin to look much better.


We are grateful to all who have contributed to the cost of this restoration so far - we have had some lovely grants of significant funds from several charitable companies as well as great financial support from our own fellowship. We have also had wonderful financial support and encouragement through the Trust who own the Chapel.


We are continuing to be blessed by all who are working with Steve on site, in a variety of skills: Richard & Chloe, our Conservation and Design architects, Jim, Richard, Ollie, Jeremy and Russell some of our contractors and we continue to pray for safety for all those who work or visit the site.


We were waiting on the outcome of our last Supplementary Planning Application which has now been granted and will allow us to press on even more strongly with the work. We also heard this week that we have received confirmation from the Building Inspector that our plans are acceptable.


We still have a way to go both in the physical work in the building, but also in raising the funds to pay all the bills and are continuing in our prayers to ask that our gracious Father 'will supply all our needs' - this is a great adventure in faith and we have confidence that as we seek to walk in faith, we will see great blessing.


Much prayer is always needed!!

The cost

Notice on Fore St to inform interested passers-by of what is going on behind the security fence.

There is always a cost to this scale of restoration work and we have been helped already by very donations from a number of grant making trusts.


We would like to thank the:

GFS Trust

Ashburton Fund

Loraine Christian Trust

Colyton/Musbury Fund

Garfield Weston Foundation

Beatrice Laing Trust

Allchurches Trust

Devon Historic Churches Trust

Western Counties & South Wales Evangelisation Trust

Norwood & Newton Settlement

who have all been very generous in supporting this work.

We have also received gifts from members and friends of the Fellowship, which are all greatly appreciated.


There are some additional ways that you might care to support the restoration and these can be found on our 'Finance & Accounts' page under SHCF Members info.



















steel installation

laying out the 'meccano' before lifting it into place

steel installation

preparing to put re-inforcing into the ground floor.

installation of damp proofing

the whole of the LGF is being 'tanked' to eliminate ingress of water from both the sub-ground or through the walls

damp proofing

this was the wettest part of the building as the external wall is below the ground level of the adjacent property

damp proofing

a gulley for drainage is being installed and a flooring damp course - all secured together to form an inpenetrable layer

preparation of soffits

all the timber is being pre-prepared before fixing - being treated with preservative and then painted to undercoat

fascia boards

drying after having 3 coats of preservative - waiting for undercoat

drying timber

making good use of our scaffold tower


upper level now completed and hopefully waterproof!

entrance way

this is nicely 'dressed' stone and looks really good with its new pointing