Chapel Project - Kingsbridge

Redevelopment of the old Independant Evangelical Chapel - Fore St. - Kingsbridge.


Many will already know that SHCF was offered the use of this redundant building in Fore St. by the Trustees who manage the Trust that owns the building.


The Trustees made a most generous offer to SHCF, to use the building as a place of worship, knowing that we did not have or own 'permanent' premises to use as church or as a ministry base.


After much prayer, discussion and several meetings with the Trustees, SHCF felt led to pursue the possibility of moving into the chapel building. Much needs to be done to offset the deterioration that has taken place through the incursion of damp and alterations need to be made to such things as heating, toilet facilities, access to the lower floor etc.


Over a number of months our Leadership Team has met with Architects, Quantity surveyors, builders, English Heritage officers and advisors on heating, electrical wiring, and many other trades. We have arrived at a set of drawings and plans to make the building fit for purpose and to comply with Listed Buildin Regulations.


These have been submitted for approval and when we hear back from S.H. District Planning Committee we hope to be in a position to start the work of re-furbishment and re-fitting.


SHCF has spent time praying and seeking the Lord as to the 'right-ness' of moving from its 'home' in the Parish Hall in Stokenham for the last 30 years, to the challenge of what moving will cost us in terms of finance, time and logistics and how the move might enable a more 'active' ministry in making Jesus known within Kingsbridge.


We have received much encouragement from the churches in Kingsbridge, many requests from groups who might like to make use of additional facilities within the town and we have felt at each stage we have reached that it remains in God's will for us to proceed.


We await Listed Buildings consent and we will need to raise additional finance to add to the generous amount already offered to us to assist with the repairs etc but we are hoping that before very much longer we will be able to start the actual work.



existing entrance area & kitchen

worship area at present time

the old vestry - has to be preserved under LBC

lower ground floor - badly affected by damp

existing downstairs toilet !