Aerial view from the top of the tower showing the entrance and the space now the dividing wall has been removed.

Chapel development


Steve has been really busy working away in isolation in the chapel and has achieved a huge amount of work. He has majored on stripping down walls with evidence of damp, in removing partition walls around the entrance and between the front space and the worship area to create one space.


He has also been investigating drains and sewers to better understand where new drains etc will need to be laid to service new toilets and kitchen space.


Several areas have thrown up new problems where wood rot and poor maintenance will necessitate rebuilding work to make things safe. On top of all the stripping down Steve has also had to manage getting, literally, tons of old plaster etc upstairs and into large builders bags that can be collected by our waste disposal firm. I think that Steve must be the fittest person in the Fellowship at this time – and it is cheaper that gym membership !!


We have circulated lots of photos via email and if you haven't received them, let Gerry know and he will send you them. A report on all the work will be posted onto our website in due course and some of the many photos will be posted to illustrate what we are doing.


We have been notified by several Grant making trusts that they cannot help us at the present – to date we have applied to about 17 with, now, two positive responses and with others making decisions later in the year. Please remembr to pray for the Trusts to view our proposals sympathetically when they do meet.


Much prayer is always needed!!

Front of the building with kitchen and porch removed

Looking towards the entrance now that the central wall has been completely removed.

Some of the 'horrors' uncovered - this a very poor 'mend' to electrics!

Stripped walls and ceilings that have to be damp-proofed.

Downstairs passageway that has water literally running down the walls - will need serious work to eradicate ingress of water.