Chapel development


With any project on the scale of this restoration, it is almost inevitable that there will be some setbacks along the way and we have experienced some of that frustration during these first months of 2021.

We were expecting the heating to be installed from 18th Jan, but due to back-order problems and supply shortages our engineers have had to cancel the original order for the supply of the system and seek alternative suppliers.

This has brought to a halt all the work on the LGF until we can cast the finish floor screed - now hopefully scheduled for sometime in March.

We have not let the grass grow though and have seen the installation of all the GF windows, the completion of the renewal of all the soffits and facias and a great deal of painting of these areas.

This week the plastering in the GF worship area has begun and this will take several weeks to complete as the specialist lime plaster has to have time to dry between coats (3). The roofers should complete their work within the next week and the chimney repairs will also be finished.

As soon as these have been done we can complete the painting of the facias and the guttering can be fitted.

We are then very close to completing the high level work to the exterior and the scaffolding can then come down.

Our work then concentrates on the interior and will seem much more obvious to all and begin to indicate that the building is really going back together.

Our finances have kept up to date with all the costs to date, a matter we really thank God for the provision, but we are about 10% short of the final estimate of costs and so are continuing to seek the Lord for further provision of the funds required.

Please keep our project in your prayers - the practical aspects, the financial needs still to be met and pray that our Leaders will receive the Lord's guidance concerning our future ministry from this place.


Much prayer is always needed!!

The cost

Notice on Fore St to inform interested passers-by of what is going on behind the security fence.

There is always a cost to this scale of restoration work and we have been helped already by donations from a number of grant making trusts.


We would like to thank the:

GFS Trust, Ashburton Fund, Loraine Christian Trust

Colyton/Musbury Fund, Garfield Weston Foundation

Beatrice Laing Trust, Allchurches Trust

Devon Historic Churches Trust

Norwood & Newton Settlement

Trustees of Bradninch Gospel Hall

and others who have all been very generous in supporting this work.

We have also received gifts from members and friends of the Fellowship, which are all greatly appreciated.


There are some additional ways that you might care to support the restoration and these can be found on our 'Finance & Accounts' page under SHCF Members info.




















All tanking and floor insulation completed


All the GF windows under contsruction

Soffits & fascias

Timber all being painted up to u/coat in preparation for installation


Interior walls being 'laced' with high tensile steel re-inforcing to save 'sagging'.