'The Chapel Project' - development


Having cleared away almost all the unwanted items, particularly on the LGF, Steve has been able to more closely examine some of the walls and floors. Unfortunately he discovered tiles with an asbestos content and so these will have to removed by a specialist.


The cause of some of the dampness in the walls has also been more fully investigated and was the subject, in part, of discussion with the Heritage Officer in our meeting on 14th Feb. The meeting went very well and although we will have to make an official Supplementary Application for LBC, we have verbal approval for most of what we wanted to do – there is always compromise in these situations.


Steve will be able to progress the stripping out and prep work once the choirs have left on 11th and we will begin to see big changes very shortly.


Pray for the applications for funding that are going out in the post, we may not hear for many weeks if they are successful.

Much prayer is always needed!!


LGF - almost cleared

LGF - almost all the games tables have been given away

LGF - site of prposed new toilets

LGF - extensive damp penetration

GF - beginning to strip out and sell unrequired fitting

Gift Day for 'The Chapel Project'

SHCF – Gift Day

1st March 2020

  • We are offering the whole Fellowship the opportunity to become involved in the project in a direct way, through contributing to the costs.
  • We have planned for a Gift Day when we can bring a sacrificial gift to add to the ‘treasury’ that is needed for this project.
  • The leaders have already determined that funds held in the Fellowship’s accounts, that are mainly the result of Gift Aid claimed on general offerings in past years, can be used in the project. This amounts to approx. £15,000.
  • By having a Gift Day, we can all demonstrate our personal commitment and involvement in seeing this project realised.
  • So now you have the possibility to liquidate your assets, cash in your investments, sell your spare camels etc and add a sum, great or small, to the funds.
  • We will have a separate offering in the morning service on 1st March and can accept, actual cash etc or a pledge that will be counted towards the fund.


Please pray and ask the Lord what you should give and then let us all rejoice in what He will accomplish.