Chapel development


Since we were able to get the scaffolding up around the building, we have been able to progress with outside work and further inspection of the fabric of the building.

The roof could be a potential major problem as we have discovered that the tiles contain an amount of asbestos which, if the roof needs replacing, will require the services of an expensive asbestos removal contractor. We are hoping, however, that on inspection the roof will be fit for purpose and just require attention at the various places where tiles have slipped and new flashings are required and the ridge tiles refixed. The soffits and fascias are in a bad way and will all have to be replaced, as will the gutters and downpipes.

The walls are all in process of being repointed - a specialist job as it requires lime mortar to satisfy the Listed Building regs.

We are just now at the point of submitting a Supplementary Application for LBC and Building Regs to cover all the additional issues that have been identified. We hope that this will be granted swiftly as we have already had agreement in principle from the Heritage Officer.

If and when we receive the official approvals, we will be able to get some of the major works under way. These include the supporting steel structure for the ground floor, the wall ties to secure the rear wall , the making of new windows for the ground floor and various other works that are dependent on each other.

Steve has been working with the architects and contractors to make sure that plans etc are all available for the planning application.

With the additional works that have been identified there is added cost and our budget has risen. We have already been blessed in receiving additional funds but we are still some way short of the expected total and so we continue to seek funding from identified and appropriate grant making trusts.


Much prayer is always needed!!