South Hams Christian Fellowship

- Prayer Ministry -

Please include in your prayers:

  • The Preaching & teaching
  • The work of the organisations we support.
  • SHCF Leaders & Junior Church Leaders.
  • Fellowship family members, friends and neighbours.
  • Junior Church/Lighthouse/TOFSS/Blaze/CAP.
  • Ankoos (the child we sponsor in India).
  • The Fellowship's involvement within the local community.
  • Visitors.
  • Fellowship Sunday morning services/mid-week meetings.
  • A closer relationship with God


As a Fellowship we have comitted ourselves to pray for all the above matters on the 1st day of each month and include more personal issues shared with the Fellowship.


As a Fellowship we are now meeting for prayer at 7.30am on Tuesday mornings at Meryl's home.

Special prayer matters for the Fellowship.............

We thank God for being present on our Fish'n Chip outreach evening. We had a few guests from outside the Fellowship and we should continue to .pray that God's Word, shared in the testimonies on the DVD and through Mark Perkin's personal testimony, will challenge the hearts of those who came.

Pray that as we start the 'Life Explored' course we will all be challenged in how we live our lives and how we share the gift of knowing Jesus as Saviour and Lord.

We are asked to continue to pray for Robin & Veronica's daughter-in-law, Edina as she and her husband, Matt, prepare for the birth of their child. Pray that the baby will stay safe and progress to a reasonable stage of the pregnancy before being born. Pray for peace in the hearts of all the family as they wait for news from day to day.

Remember the Rew family this month as the completion date arrives on the house and they all re-locate to Stokenham Barton. Pray that planning approval will be granted for Florence' new home on the 23rd Oct. and the work there is planned and costed. Pray that relationships will not be strained in all the negotiations and that a happy outcome will ensue.