South Hams Christian Fellowship

- Prayer Ministry -

Please include in your prayers:

  • The Preaching & teaching
  • The work of the organisations we support.
  • SHCF Leaders & Junior Church Leaders.
  • Fellowship family members, friends and neighbours.
  • Junior Church/CAP.
  • Ankoos (the young person we sponsor in India).
  • The Fellowship's involvement within the local community.
  • Visitors.
  • Fellowship Sunday morning services/mid-week meetings.
  • A closer relationship with God


As a Fellowship we have comitted ourselves to pray for all the above matters on the 1st day of each month and include more personal issues shared with the Fellowship.


As a Fellowship we normally meet for prayer at 7.30am on Tuesday mornings at Meryl's home.



"Bear one another's burdens......."


We give thanks that Dianne's thyroid problem was not so acute as she had feared and that any surgery has been left in abeyance for the present time. Pray that Dianne suffers no major problems and keeps well, so that the surgery will not prove necessary.


We rejoice too in learning that Lindsey's new hearing aids have given her a much improved audio quality. Pray that she will not suffer from any more ear infections that have been troublesome.


A number of the Fellowship have suffered from quite acute chest infections in the last month. Pray that all will recover fully and return to full health. Several folk have appreciated the prayers of the Fellowship during their illness.


Pray for Olivia as she applies for her visas and then sets off on her placement as a volunteer for IJM towards the end of the month. We will carry on our periodic reports about her work.


Please feel free to email any request for prayer to and we will circulate through the Fellowship Prayer Chain and at our Tues morning Prayer Meeting.