South Hams Christian Fellowship

- Prayer Ministry -

Please include in your prayers:

  • The Preaching & teaching
  • The work of the organisations we support.
  • SHCF Leaders & Junior Church Leaders.
  • Fellowship family members, friends and neighbours.
  • Junior Church/Lighthouse/TOFSS/Blaze/CAP.
  • Ankoos (the child we sponsor in India).
  • The Fellowship's involvement within the local community.
  • Visitors.
  • Fellowship Sunday morning services/mid-week meetings.
  • A closer relationship with God


As a Fellowship we have comitted ourselves to pray for all the above matters on the 1st day of each month and include more personal issues shared with the Fellowship.


As a Fellowship we are now meeting for prayer at 7.30am on Tuesday mornings at Meryl's home.

In all things, give thanks.............

We are very good at bringing matters that concern us, to the Lord, in our prayers and over the last few weeks and months we have had the opportunity to support a number of people in our fellowship in this way.

Can we take a moment to remember those we have prayed for and to give thanks that the Lord heard, and on many occasions, answered our prayers.

We were praying for Dianne last year as she battled cancer and last week we heard that her 'count' was so reduced as to be below the average. PTL

We prayed for Will and for Fran around Christmas as they dealt with the life-threatening severity of Will's condition and for Fran as she faced recent surgery. Both are ecovering well and although Will's condition is ongoing, he seems to be recovering and doing much better.

We prayed for Florence and her long standing condition has been greatly helped by the recent surgical procedure – she is much more comfortable and was able to enjoy her birthday celebrations.

We prayed for Jennifer and her eye problem and she was told just recntly that the injection seems to have halted further degeneration – keep praying that this is so!

There are still others known to us who need the Lord's intervention for health, job or relationship difficulties – let the results above spur us on in our prayers in faith believing.