Where do we give?

Our financial support to Christian Ministry


We make donations to a number of organisations involved in mission work both here in the U.K. and abroad. We also have committed to making regular monthly donations to certain Kingdom works including Christians Against Poverty, Spiritulized, Mark Perkins – Outreach UK and Tim & Hannah Flatman – Latin Link and from March, Olivia Rew in her work with IJM.

Every year the Leaders review our giving prior to our Annual Meeting and if members of the Fellowship have suggestions of where or who we can suport, they are invited to submit suggestions. The list of where we have made donations this year will be available for the Annual Meeting.

Accounts information


SHCF is registered as a charity No:1155568 and we used to be required to submit financial information to the Charity Commission under what is called our 'Annual Return'.

That required SHCF to prepare a 'Receipts & Payments Account', a 'Trustee's Annual Report' (TAR) and having done this to have our financial records examined by an independent examiner.

The Charity Commission have changed the terms under which small income charities are required to file accounts.

Although we now fall beneath the threshold of being required to file our accounts, we have decided to continue to make them available, both through the Charity Commission and here, in a fuller format for anyone who would like to see, in more detail, what the financial situation is for the SHCF.

We have also chosen to continue the practice of having our accounts independently examined on an annual basis.

By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to a place where these records can be viewed and downloaded as PDF files.